Reading psychology blogs for practical everyday learnings is always difficult.

Most are too academic to be accessible; even fewer have stuff you can actually translate into action.

The psychology blogs below do a fantastic job of distilling data into an entertaining, easily-digestible form. If they don’t improve your marketing plans, they will at the very least make you stop and think about how your mind works.


Jeremy Dean tops nearly every “must read psychology blogs” list out there, and with good purpose. He expertly connects academic findings to familiar, everyday behaviours and gently points out flaws in our thinking and explains how we decide and why we act the way we do.

Marketers will appreciate how Jeremy challenges firmly-held beliefs over certain things. For instance, his article on why sex or violence does not sell.

You Are Not So Smart

The long-form posts at YANSS make for excellent reading over your morning coffee; you can tell David McRaney is having fun at telling us why we are dumber than we would like to think.

David’s insights on how consumers paint themselves into a corner first turned me onto the site, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Social Triggers

Derek Halpern uses plain, straightforward language to tell you exactly how to use data and psychology to improve your marketing efforts.

Marketers who also wear web designer hats will love Derek’s site as there’s lots of great material on conversion and reducing churn.

Which Test Won

Anne Holland’s A/B testing website showcases a type of psychology that is less academic and more applied.

Sometimes, it’s refreshing to simply see post-mortems of tests instead of verbose, deep-dive pre-ponderings on what will work best.

By looking at real-world examples, with real-world data, tested with real-world consumers, you get a ton of case studies to comb through that will help you uncover the psychology of web users.

Know of any blogs that should be on this list? Please share in the comments.